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Written - Part 6: Unleashing Your Creative Potential: Keys to Drive, Effort, and Persistence in Writing - A reading log

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Title: Written
Part 6
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Written: How to Keep Writing and Build a Habit That Lasts

by Bec Evans and Chris Smith

A reading log.

Part 6

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March 20th, 2024

Drive: Find your inner motivation to write

Effort: work hard to improve your writing

Stretch: set goals outside your comfort zone

Feedback: show your work to others

Repeat: Repetition to master your skills

But also remember that success is not guaranteed. Creative work is judged by the audience. Not by the creator.

Chapter Ten/Eleven, page 148


March 21st, 2024

Don't underestimate your creativity. Everyone has endless ideas. But you have to keep going. Keep writing, keep thinking, keep producing. Quantity matters. The more you practice, the more opportunities you have to improve. Keep going and never stop.

Chapter Eleven, page 152

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