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Storyworthy - Part 7: Immersive Storytelling: The Power of Present Tense and Heroic Underdog Narratives - A reading log

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Title: Storyworthy
Part 7
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by Matthew Dicks

A reading log.

Part 7

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January 11th, 2024

Telling a story in present tense sucks the audience into that time. It is more immersive than past tense. Past tense can be used for a story within a story.

Chapter 18, page 236


January 12th, 2024

There's nothing wrong with telling a story in the past tense. For some people, telling a story in the present tense feels unnatural. But if you can, use the present tense. It helps to get the audience's attention. Don't use mirrors to practice. They take your attention away from your story. Tell a hero story as an underdog story. Only success is boring and hard to relate to. Include your failures and mistakes in the story.

Chapters 18 and 19, page 247


January 13th, 2024

Don't break the 4th wall. Don't wear distracting clothes. Don't interact with your audience. Just tell your story. Don't swear, don't be vulgar. Use funny descriptions. Swear only when necessary.

Chapters 20 and 21, page 257

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