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Storyworthy - Part 6: Mastering the Element of Surprise: Unveiling the Secrets of Compelling Storytelling - A reading log

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Part 6

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by Matthew Dicks

A reading log.

Part 6

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January 7th, 2024

Surprise is essential to a story. Don't ruin the rising moments by starting with a thesis. This prepares the audience and they will not react the way you would. To prepare a surprise, pack a bag and use bread crumbs. Also, lead the audience in the wrong direction.

Chapter 15, page 205


January 8th, 2024

Contrast is the key to surprising moments. Also for getting a laugh. Laughs at the beginning of a story are good for connecting with the audience. And laughter is also good for releasing tension after tense moments in your story.

Chapter 15/16, page 214


January 9th, 2024

Humor is nice, but not necessary. Good stories can be without humor. The important thing about humor is choosing the right word at the right time. Building tension and surprise is key. And some words are just funny.

Chapter 16, page 220


January 10th, 2024

Sometimes you have a story, but you don't know why it's a story. Tell it out loud to yourself or to someone else. Don't worry about the structure. Try to remember every detail. Then you will find your 5-second moment.

Chapter 17, page 227

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