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Storyworthy - Part 5: Journey into Storytelling Mastery: Essential Insights for Compelling Narratives - A reading log

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by Matthew Dicks

A reading log.

Part 5

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January 3rd, 2024

A good story is like a movie. It happens in a place. So a story should start with a place to create a scene. Do not start with a hypothesis or a description of a person. First give yourself a place in your story so that the audience can imagine the scenario and an inner movie begins in their minds.

Chapter 11, page 170


January 4th, 2024

A good story needs momentum. Momentum can be created by the use of the words "but" and "therefore" and their equivalents to connect sentences. The first part of the sentence should lead in one direction and the second in another. If you connect these parts with "and" than it is monotonous. "But" and "therefore" give drive and make the story more interesting.

Chapter 12, page 178


January 5th, 2024

Saying things like "I am not rich" instead of "I am poor" implies a but. "I am not rich, BUT I could be". These hidden buts are also very important.

Chapter 12, page 187


January 6th, 2024

Big stories like a car accident are often harder to tell than small moment stories because they are not very relatable. You have to make big stories out of small moments. Also, be precise. Less words are better than more.

Chapter 14, page 195

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