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Storyworthy - Part 1: Unlocking Your Narrative Potential: Transforming Daily Moments into Engaging Stories of Change - A reading log

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Part 1

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by Matthew Dicks

A reading log.

Part 1

December 18th, 2023

A good story is about you and how you have changed. In every story, even the worst, the main character changes. Change is an essential part. No one wants to hear stories about drinking and/or vacations.

Chapters 1 and 2, page 38



December 19th, 2023

Make the story about you. The audience is more engaged when the story is about you, not someone else. And if you are telling someone else's story, tell your side of it. What was your part? How did you feel? Also, don't overact a story. It is not poetry or theater. It shouldn't matter if you tell your story to 1,000 people or just one.

Chapters 2 and 3, page 49



December 20th, 2023

Little moments in a well-crafted story are easier for audiences to relate to than stories about big moments, such as a car accident. As a routine, you can write a daily snippet of a moment and develop it into a story later.

Chapter 3, page 52



December 21st, 2023

"Homework for Life" (noting each day's story) will allow you to see more stories as well as patterns. Collecting them in a spreadsheet and sorting them will allow you to see things that were previously invisible.

Chapter 3, page 58

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