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Nonviolent Communication - Part 5/7: Empowering Empathy: Overcoming language barriers and cultivating inner harmony - A reading log

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Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

(german edition)

by Marshall B. Rosenberg

A reading log.

Part 5


December 5th, 2023

The word "but" destroys empathy. It goes hand in hand with knowing better and blocking.

Chapter 8 "The power of empathy", page 192


December 6th, 2023

Deadlocked conversations are welcome to be interrupted. Often the speakers no longer have a good feeling about the conversation either, but can't get out of their loop.

A "No" always has a reason. There are often feelings and needs behind it. If you know these or ask about them, the "No" loses its sting.

Chapter 8 "The power of empathy", page 204


December 7th, 2023

Words like "should" and "must" scourge us. They cause shame and guilt. When we look at our own actions, we are often very strict and unkind to ourselves. In doing so, we forget to treat ourselves with empathy and pay attention to our own needs. When we recognize our needs behind our self-condemning thoughts, the inner tension and negative thoughts are released. We experience freedom and power to act.

Chapter 9 "Establishing empathetic contact with ourselves", page 215


December 10th, 2023

We are growing up in a society that relies almost exclusively on extrinsic motivation. As a result, we learn to act against our own needs and lose touch with the things that really bring us joy. Extrinsic motives are money, affirmation, avoiding punishment, to avoid feeling ashamed, to avoid feeling guilty, out of a sense of responsibility.

Chapter 9 " Establishing empathetic contact with ourselves", page 225

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