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Nonviolent Communication - Part 2/7: Empowering Expression: Understanding Emotions and Taking Responsibility for Communicating Effectively - A reading log

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Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life

(german edition)

by Marshall B. Rosenberg

A reading log.

Part 2

November 16th, 2023

Conflicts often arise when observations are mixed with judgments. Many people express their annoyance directly in the judgment without formulating their observation. This means that the other person has no chance of understanding where exactly they have caused the annoyance.

Chapter 4 " Recognizing and expressing feelings", page 71


November 19th, 2023

Many people are unable to express their feelings. Instead, they judge and condemn. But when they are able to express their feelings, they are amazed at the effect.

Chapter 4 " Recognizing and expressing feelings", page 77


November 20th, 2023

There really are many words to express feelings, but many people don't know them. Instead, we use words like "misunderstood" or "worthless", which are not feelings, but thoughts, i.e. interpretations of feelings. An important first step in NVC could be to learn this vocabulary and assign it to real feelings.

Chapter 4 " Recognizing and expressing feelings", page 90


November 21st, 2023

Everything people say can be a trigger. Our reaction shows our feelings. But we often don't verbalize our feelings. Instead, we blame the other person for our feelings or accept the trigger (accusation). This either makes us angry or lowers our self-esteem. Instead, we should formulate what we feel in our reaction and thus take responsibility. Feelings point to our needs.

Chapter 5 "Taking responsibility for our feelings", page 103

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